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What is Good Luck?

In earlier times the flight of parrots was an indicator of the coming rains for the Chinese people. They depended on the flight of parrots, to start planting of crops. Parrots were also known as 'divine birds' during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. This emperor had a parrot that was capable of mimicking and doing many tricks.

Everyone appreciated this ability and the parrot was loved and honored. Since that time, parrots came to be known as 'divine birds' and to witness the parrot flying or to hold one insured good luck for that person.

Parrots are also associated with Feng Shui.  According to Feng Shui, parrots symbolize positive energy. These birds are considered as bearers of good luck and it is also said that the feathers of parrots possess different colors that represent the five elements of Feng Shui - water, wood, fire, earth / soil and metal.

Luck is the outcome of your own creative thinking. Some call it destiny, fate, karma, inevitability, choice, or free will.

However, most human beings do not exercise their free will.  Most people just linger and let the outer world decide their fate. Many people fail to take the initiative to think creatively.  These people are susceptible to the randomness of nature, and swayed by the influences of others.

How can viewing parrots flying in the “Good Luck Temple” inspire your guests?  They’ll feel empowered and motivated!  The positive feelings they garner from their “parrot experience” will translate into their own thoughts of “Good Luck”.  They’ll eagerly proceed to the Casino floor with their newly acquired self-confidence!!

(Good Luck script looping outside temple)

Ladies, Gentleman, & Friends
Is very proud to present
“Good Luck Temple”
An Authentic recreation

This ancient temple dates back to Confucianism. In earlier times it was said to witness the colorful winged angels fall from the heavens or to hold a feathered god was a gift, and once experienced, chant the words GOOD LUCK, and your wish would be granted. Today these beautiful and colorful angels are sent to you from the heavens, and that viewing will be granted good luck all day. Once the good luck angles touch you, finish by chanting the words “Good Luck is Mine”.

We at TOP-BIRD INC. hope that you live well, laugh often, and take this offer of good luck with you.


Confucius says...
"Man who have parrot live colorful and rewarding life"